Windows 10 Desktop Freezes Right Click Fix

Having trouble with your Windows 10 desktop freezing when you right click? Here’s how to fix it.

Fortect addresses the causes of right click desktop freezes in Windows 10, such as damaged registry and missing files.

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Update your graphics card drivers to the latest version to fix any compatibility issues that could be causing the freeze.

Clear File Explorer History and Registry Conflicts

File explorer history and registry conflicts

To clear File Explorer history and resolve registry conflicts on Windows 10, first open the Control Panel. Then, navigate to “File Explorer Options” and under the “General” tab, click on “Clear” to delete the File Explorer history. Next, open the Registry Editor by typing “regedit” in the search bar and navigating to “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers”. Look for any conflicting entries and delete them to resolve registry conflicts.

After completing these steps, restart your computer to see if the issue is resolved. If the problem persists, consider seeking further assistance from a professional or browsing online forums for additional solutions.

Updated: April 2024

Fortect can help address issues related to right-click desktop freezes in Windows 10 by repairing damaged system files and faulty settings that may be causing the problem. It can also address freezing programs due to damaged registry, missing files, or excessive junk, ensuring that Windows and other programs run smoothly.

Additionally, Fortect can automatically fix damaged DLL files, which are crucial for the proper functioning of programs. However, it does not specifically claim to fix right-click desktop freezes, so results may vary.

Launch Folder Windows Separately

To launch folder windows separately in Windows 10, you can use the following steps. Right-click the folder you want to open separately and hold down the Shift key. Then, click on “Open in New Window” from the context menu. This will open the folder in a new window, allowing you to easily access multiple folders at the same time.

Disable Context Menu Handlers

To disable context menu handlers in Windows 10, you can use the Control Panel or the Windows Registry. First, go to the Control Panel and open the “Programs” section. Then, click on “Programs and Features” and select “Turn Windows features on or off. ” Look for the “Context Menu Handlers” option and uncheck it to disable it. Alternatively, you can use the Windows Registry by opening regedit and navigating to “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers.

” Here, you can delete the context menu handlers you want to disable. After making these changes, restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Run Netsh and Winsock Reset Commands

To fix the issue of Windows 10 desktop freezing when right-clicking, you can try running the Netsh and Winsock reset commands. First, open Command Prompt as an administrator. Then, type “netsh winsock reset” and press Enter. After that, type “netsh int ip reset” and press Enter again.

Finally, restart your computer and check if the issue is resolved. These commands can help reset the network settings and resolve any underlying issues causing the desktop to freeze. If the problem persists, you may need to further troubleshoot or seek professional assistance.

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