Hulu not working? 10 solutions to fix it

Are you having trouble with Hulu not working? Here are 10 solutions to help you fix it.

Fortect may help with freezing or crashing issues on Hulu by addressing damaged system files and settings.

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Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

1. Check your internet connection to ensure it’s stable and strong. If you’re using Wi-Fi, try moving closer to the router or using a wired connection.
2. Restart your device and modem to clear any potential issues.
3. Clear the cache on your Hulu app or browser to refresh the connection.
4. Make sure your Hulu app is updated to the latest version on Google Play or the App Store.
5. Check for any software bugs or patches that may be affecting your Hulu app.
6. Visit Downdetector or Hulu’s social media for any reported outages.
7. Contact your internet service provider for assistance if the issue persists.

Updated: April 2024

Fortect addresses various Windows issues, virus damage, freezing computers, damaged DLLs, and the Blue Screen of Death. It repairs damaged system files, secures the system post-virus removal, and ensures smooth program functioning.

However, Fortect is not designed to fix issues related to specific streaming services like Hulu.

Addressing Hulu Error Codes

If you encounter Hulu error codes, try clearing the cache and data of the Hulu app on your device. Another solution is to restart your device and modem/router. Check your internet connection and Wi-Fi to ensure it’s stable. If the issue persists, update the Hulu app to the latest version. You can also contact your Internet Service Provider to troubleshoot any network issues.

Additionally, check social media or Downdetector for any reported outages.

Clearing Cache and Restarting the App

  • Clearing Cache:
    • Open the Settings app on your device
    • Scroll down and tap on Apps
    • Find and select the Hulu app
    • Tap on Storage
    • Tap on Clear Cache
  • Restarting the App:
    • Close the Hulu app completely
    • Wait a few seconds and then reopen the app

Seeking Further Assistance and Using Alternatives

If you have tried all the solutions provided and Hulu is still not working, it may be time to seek further assistance or explore alternative options. Contact Hulu customer support via telephone or their website for additional help. You can also consider using alternative streaming services or platforms to access your favorite shows and movies. Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends or family for recommendations on other streaming options.


Why does my TV not have Hulu anymore?

Your TV may not have Hulu anymore because not all smart TVs support the Hulu app. Check if your TV is compatible with the Hulu app, as some brands and models may not be supported.

Why won’t my Hulu keep playing?

Your Hulu might not keep playing because the Autoplay feature may not be turned on in your settings, or your internet connection may be unstable or too slow.

Is Hulu having issues right now?

Hulu is not currently experiencing any issues.

Why is my Hulu not working?

Your Hulu app may not be working due to a potential issue with the app itself. Try force closing the app and then relaunching it to see if that resolves the issue.

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Be cautious, as Hulu may not work due to internet connectivity issues or server maintenance. Download this tool to run a scan

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